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How it works

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1. Search or select from a list

Start by using the search bar for a medical service, speciality or a Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item.

If you don’t know the service or procedure name, you can browse by procedures or specialty. See more about the descriptions for these terms.

2. Find typical costs near you

Once you select a service, you will be able to see its typical fees and costs. You can also enter your postcode to see local fees and costs.

3. Find and view patient journey and specialist fees for select services

For selected services you will be able to see a typical patient journey. The patient journey will show services that are most commonly received before, during and after the main service.

For select services you will also be able to find participating specialists across Australia.

More help

Learn more about the terms we use on the website

The glossary of terms explains the terms used on the website.

Learn more about navigating out-of-pocket costs

See the guide to fees and costs.

Learn more about private health insurance

See how private health insurance may help you(opens in new tab).

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Search for medical services, specialities or MBS items. You can also browse the list of procedures, specialties, and services to find what you are looking for. Helpful information is available on each page so you can get the most out of this tool.

If you cannot find a service, more services will be added over time.

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